Primary 6





We are learning lots of new things this year and the work is getting trickier.  In P6 we have three adults to help us with our learning.  Mrs Radcliffe is our class teacher.  Mrs Heggarty is our teaching assistant.  We are a lively bunch in P6 and enjoy working together in groups and pairs to help develop our thinking skills.  We understand that learning from each other is good and we are getting better at developing our own skills too.  There is also time when we need to work individually as it is important that we can also do things on our own.  We are encouraged to think about our learning and we like to be successful by meeting our learning intentions, success criteria and targets.

We have the opportunity to go on trips in Primary 6 and have visitors into the school.  We study the Vikings, Romans and Rainforest as our main topics.  We look forward to Viking Day, Roman Day and our trip to the zoo to see Rainforest animals.  We also get to go to pantomimes with the whole school and we have good relationships with some of the secondary schools in the area.  Schools such as Carrick Grammar will come and teach us languages on the European Day of Modern Languages, Downshire come and teach us about World Trade and Belfast High host exciting days for us to attend.  It is exciting this year to be in P6 and take part in things we haven’t had a chance to before.  The work is definitely harder, but we know that we can cope well if we approach it with confidence and the support of our peers and teachers.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little about P6.  Keep visiting the website to keep up to date with some of the things we do throughout the year.  You can do this by clicking on the News section for Primary 6.