Primary 1

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Starting Primary School is so exciting…we are finally in P.1 !  Miss Reynolds says that P.1 is the best class to be in at Primary School.  She is our class teacher and says we are all very special.  Mrs.McCallister, our Classroom Assistant, is there to help us and also Miss Reynolds.

Learning in Primary 1 is all about having fun as activity time is a very important part of our P.1 life.  We learn through our play and we also like to tell Miss Reynolds what we would like to learn about and how we could do it !  During activities we have lots of time to ‘think’, to ‘share’ and to ‘help’ and Miss Reynolds says we are already superstars at doing this.  We also tidy-up ourselves and our classroom is so big and full of lots of fabulous things to help us learn as we do our activities.  Having our own targets really helps us to think about how we can do our best.  Another special part of Primary 1 is our ‘exercise time’.  We love to do lots of dances, go walking and play games in the hall that help us with our number time and also very importantly, it helps keep us fit and healthy.  We also try to eat as much fruit as we can in Primary 1 !

We will have lots to look forward to in P.1 as Miss Reynolds has arranged some great trips and also some visitors may come into our classroom.  We get to go to the Grand Opera House and Streamvale Open Farm to see and learn all about different animals.  If you see a big red vehicle in our playground it might mean that the fire-fighters have come to visit us as we learn all about People Who Help Us !

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