World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day Primary 6 participated in a couple of different activities.  The first involved the children watching a live video stream from the Education Authority.  The video involved children from a range of schools either putting on short dramas based on a number of books, or being interviewed about one of their favourite books.  In Primary 6 we were int

Active Superhero Challenge

From Monday 8th February - 3rd March, Eden Primary School are working towards being active superheroes. For each active journey that the children make to or from school, they will receive a stamp for their superhero chart. On completion of ten active journeys, during the time period, completed charts will be entered into a draw to win a book, The Boy Who Biked The World.


OPERA HOUSE – Friday 8th January 2016 Arrangements for our annual outing to the Opera House are as follows. Those children who are not attending the event will not come to school at all. Children attending, will come to school at 12.15 p.m. and enter by the front door, going straight to the Assembly Hall. Children should wear full school uniform.


DIABETIC UK/STAND BY ME Thank you again to all who supported these charities. A cheque for £231.70 was presented to Diabetic U.K. and a cheque for £316.50 was presented to Stand By Me at two Assembly mornings. SPONSORED BOUNCE Again my sincere thanks for your very kind contributions to our annual bounce. Currently we have raised in excess of £2,600.

The Annual Carol Service at Key Stage Two

On Thursday 17th December our annual Christmas Carol Service was held at St. Colman's church for everyone associated with the children in Key StageTwo.

A trip back in time with P.5!

Life in Mesolithic and Neolithic Ireland was very different to ours so rather than simply look at pictures on the Interactive Whiteboard or in books, we got to be archaeologists for a whole day at the end of November so that we could learn more about this period of time! Rita, our visitor , has worked with real archaeologists and she was able to answer lots of questions that we had about what

Water, water everywhere!

Primary 5's topic this term is 'Water' and we enjoyed an informative morning with Jane from NI Water on Tuesday of his week. We explored the Water Cycle together and got to carry out an investigation that showed how waste water from our homes is cleaned.
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