I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming everyone back to a new school year.  I trust that those pupils who are new to the school will have an enjoyable, educational time with us.  The new school year started with a welcome to 31 new pupils in Primary 1.  We also welcome one new pupil into Primary 4. 

Rainforest Detectives



Primary 6 enjoyed a rainforest talk about various animals and habitats.  The highlight was being able to hold the python.  We learned that snakes smell with their tongues and they do not have any ears.


Spanish Fiesta

The primary six class were able to attend a Spanish Fiesta in association with Belfast High School.  The children had been learning some basic Spanish in preparation for this.  When entering the Fiesta the children had to pass through passport control.  Then the children were split into 2 groups and were able to participate in a variety of activities.  The children worked

Little Buns for Little Hearts

Over the past week the children from Primary 6 and Primary 7, who were not on tour, were busy with 'The Apprentice Challenge'.  As well as creating new toys in groups the children decided to make money for charity. This involved baking buns under the supervision of Mrs Moore and Mrs Heggarty.  The children decided on the buns to make and worked very hard in their group



MAY SCHOOL CLOSURES           Please note the school will be closed on Friday 27th May, Monday 30th May and Tuesday 31st May 2011.



SCHOOL CLOSURESPlease remember school will be closed on Thursday 5th May, Friday 27th May, Monday 30th May and Tuesday 31st May 2011.

Primary Five 'Build a Boat' Investigation

Our 'Build a Boat' Investigation

Primary Five children have  been working on the topic of Water and as part of this investigation each group was asked to build a boat that was powered, was waterproof and that could float.

Red Nose Day in Primary 1

As part of a fun way to raise money for Comic Relief, the Primary 1 class had a 'Fairytale and Superhero Day' on Friday 18th March.  We raised £100 for children who may not be as fortunate as us and we are very proud of ourselves !

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