Autumn in Primary 4

In September and October Primary 4 like to observe the changes in the environment around them.  We studied the lovely colours of the leaves as they started changing and falling around us, and did some leaf studies using pastels for our Art display.  We learned that not all leaves change and fall as some trees are evergreen.  We collected, sorted and compared lots of different

All about me!

During Circle Time in P2, we have been talking about ourselves and how we are all special! We collected things that tell others a little bit more about us. We showed our items to our friends.


Annual Outing            We are now ready to pay the final payment for our Annual Outing to the Grand Opera House on Thursday 9th January 2014 at 1.30 p.m..  Final number will be confirmed to The Opera House on Friday 27th September 2013 , so please ensure all monies are paid by this date.&n

Power at Kilroot

Monday 16th September 2013

Poets in P6

Congratulations to the Primary 6 class for writing poems, which have been chosen for publishing in the Young Writers Anthology.  All children have been successful, showing the high standard throughout the class.  The chidren researched a rainforest animal of their choice and then wrote a performance poem using what they had discovered.

We've all been to the zoo!

As part of learning about the rainforest we had an exciting trip to the zoo.  Here we had the chance to learn about habitats, rainforests and various animals, from our guide John.  He told us of his time spent in Borneo in one of the rainforests.  We had great fun as we were able to see some of the rainforest animals up close.  However, we were a little diappointed that w

The Apprentice Challenge

From 3rd-7th June the Primary 6 classroom became the boardroom of Lord Sugar.  The children who did not go on school tour worked really hard in teams to create their own innovative toys and products.  There were many creations such as sweet pooping dinosaurs and unicorns, eco-friendly dolls, new action figures to play and fight with, lego creations and dolls which turned into

The Ulster Orchestra in Eden

Today we were able to meet two members of the Ulster Orchestra.  They came and played a few different pieces of music for us.  We were amazed at how good they were and how they played their violins.  We were able to learn about the orchestra and all the different families in a standard symphony orchestra.  We had the chance to split into three groups and clap rhythms.&nbs

Poetry in P6

I would like to say well done to the six children who entered the poetry festival on Tuesday. All the children worked really hard on their poems and were deserving of their marks. A special congratulations to Alice and Molly who won highly commended certificates.
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