Viking Day

On Wednesday our assembly hall was transformed into a fabulous Viking activity centre.  The children came to school dressed as Vikings and were excited by all the activities they encountered.  Children were able to grind wheat to make flour, have a go at making fire using flint (which was very tricky), weave, make bracelets, build walls, play games, learn about weapons and Viking o

Good Luck to the Hockey Girls!

A quick good luck to the hockey girls who play their first tournament tomorrow at Downshire School.  They are very much looking forward to it as it involves some skills coaching as well as playing some games.  The hockey girls also want to say 'Good Luck' to the football team who will be at Downshire on Friday for their first tournament !

Littering Less in Space

Primary one have made a fabulous rocket using junk materials.  As part of our "Litter Less Campaign" the children have been focusing on what to do with waste.  This is a super way to use up waste products.

Litter Less

The whole school have been working hard to litter less.  We are participating in the 'Wrigley's Litter Less Campaign' until December and we have been able to see our hard work pay off.  Primary 4-7 have been taking it in turns to litter pick, providing the weather is good.  We have been collecting litter, counting the number of bags filled and weighing them. 

Life in Primary 5 in term 1A

Measures work in P.5. - We have been enjoying lots of measures activities on Fridays.  We have used a variety of measuring scales and equipment.  it has been lots of fun!

Whatever Next

Whatever Next !

During our story time Miss Reynolds read a very special story to us.  It was called 'Whatever Next'.  We got to explore what it must be like to go to space and what kind of things we would see.  During activity-based learning we made a very special rocket and we flew to the moon !

Stand by Me

A massive thank you to all who recently supported our "10p Tuesday" fundraiser for Stand by Me. An amazing £440.75 was raised. Primary 5 collected the most 10p's and got a night off homework for their efforts!! Well done everyone!

Goldilocks Says Sorry!

Year Three love creative writing on a Friday! In September we watched an online story version of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' Our Interactive Whiteboard makes learning so much fun! Then we had to write a letter from Goldilocks to the bears explaining just how sorry she was for breaking into their home. We all had to imagine how Goldilocks would feel, even the boys!

Bryson House Visit

On Thursday 12th September, Primary 6 and Primary 7 had a visit from Larry Speight of Bryson House to talk about Energy Efficiency. He covered the areas:

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