A 'Zooper' day out for P6

On Thursday 11th June, P6 visited Belfast Zoo.  We are learning all about the rainforest in school and were therefore excited to find out more about the animals that live there.  When we first arrived we went straight for a talk on the rainforest with Maureen.  It was very informative and told us a lot about how deforestation is affecting the animals in the rainforest.  Maureen let us see a White Tree Frog and tarantula.  We all then got a chance to hold a stick insect, snail and snake.  We were very brave!!  After our talk we looked around the rest of the Zoo and got the chance to explore the rainforest exhibit.  We all experienced what it would be like to walk through a very hot rainforest.  We saw lots of other animals at the Zoo including; elephants, monkeys, giraffes, lions, tigers, penguins and seals.  It was a fantastic day that we all enjoyed!!  Have a look at some of our photos.