World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day Primary 6 participated in a couple of different activities.  The first involved the children watching a live video stream from the Education Authority.  The video involved children from a range of schools either putting on short dramas based on a number of books, or being interviewed about one of their favourite books.  In Primary 6 we were introduced to ten different books, some of which we had heard of or read ourselves.  We enjoyed finding out about books which we might enjoy reading.  At the end we were asked to vote on which was our favourite or the one we would most like to read, our class voted for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.  Our second activity was based on our class novel, Stig of the Dump.  We had to convert some of chapter one into a play and we had to decide who was speaking and what order they were speaking as well.  Outside of our classroom we also have a display of book review projects highlighting some of our own favourite books, why not come and read them if you are looking for a good book.