What a busy week!

Well a lot has been happening in P6 this week.  First of all Mrs Radcliffe is back after having had her baby, so P6 are all getting used to a new teacher and some new routines.  Secondly there has been a Kids' Club on this week during school from one to two.  P6 have had great fun singing songs about God, listening to Bible stories, watching funny videos and taking part in quizzes.  Some of the children have had the opportunity to ask some difficult questions about God and the Bible and get them answered.  On Tuesday P6 had a visit from Jayne from Northern Ireland Water.  She gave a talk about the conservation of water.  P6 learned about the amount of water used when using a shower or bath and many more activities involving water.  All of the children were given a bag of water related goodies.  The highlight was getting a shower timer, which lasts for five minutes.  Staying in the shower for 5 minutes uses 35 litres of water.  The children also learned about insulating pipes and what to do if a pipe in their home freezes and bursts.  To end the week many of the class will be heading to the Grand Opera House to watch 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', what a busy week it has been.