Water, water everywhere!

Primary 5's topic this term is 'Water' and we enjoyed an informative morning with Jane from NI Water on Tuesday of his week. We explored the Water Cycle together and got to carry out an investigation that showed how waste water from our homes is cleaned. We were horrified (and surprised) to learn that no new water is ever created - in fact, the water we use has already been inside the bodies of lots of people down the centuries before it has been inside us!! So, what new facts about water did we learn? *Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. *Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius. *Water comes in three different forms - as a solid, as a liquid and as a gas. *The Waste Water Treatment Works cleans our water. *Clean water is a luxury - in many countries in Africa and in India thousands of people do not have access to clean running water. *The charity 'Water Aid' does fantastic work in these areas, bringing clean water to the people who live there. *Looking after the water pipes in our homes is important in order to prevent burst pipes (that can lead to flooding in our houses). *Making sure that we are careful about what goes down the kitchen or bathroom sinks, the showers or baths and most importantly the toilet will prevent pipes under the ground getting blocked. Ask us about 'The Three Ps'!!! Nicole and Oliver N. are particularly good at answering any questions in relation to this! We got goodie bags on top of all of this fun and we are now really excited about the Water Bus hopefully visiting the school in the next academic year. We are also looking forward to the rest of the term where we will be exploring this wonderful gift that we have called WATER!