A trip back in time with P.5!

Life in Mesolithic and Neolithic Ireland was very different to ours so rather than simply look at pictures on the Interactive Whiteboard or in books, we got to be archaeologists for a whole day at the end of November so that we could learn more about this period of time! Rita, our visitor , has worked with real archaeologists and she was able to answer lots of questions that we had about what life would have been like for these 'Hunters and Gatherers' and First Farmers'. We loved dressing up as Stone Age men and women, getting to shoot a 'wild boar', grinding wheat on A Quern Stone, cooking 'Neolithic bread' on an open fire, building replica tombs, making thumb pots and replica arrows for hunting and generally having loads of fun whilst learning SO MUCH! Rita, who lives near Coleraine, told us about a famous Mesolithic site called Mountsandel that was discovered there in the 1970s by an archaeologist, Dr. Peter Woodman. In March, when we go on our residential trip to Bushmills we hope to canoe past this actual site - weather permitting! We have displayed lots of our photographs and findings from this Stone Age Day on a noticeboard in school so please come in and have a look at what we have been up to!