STEM in P6

Here are a few photos of what we have been investigating and creating in P6 over the last number of months.


We have created a variety of boats, to complete our investigations into the best hull shape, size etc.

We have investigated gravity and friction using cars, ramps and different ramp surfaces.  We also watched video clips to understand the effect of gravity on people and objects.

We were given the challenge to build a catapult in groups using only lollipop sticks, elastic bands and a bottle cap, which was optional.  Some groups did better than others with their own design.  Children who were struggling were then shown a photograph and asked to create a second catapult.  Once the catapults were complete they were then tested against each other and the children watched a video on how to create a catapult and made comparisons with what they had made.

We completed a volcano experiment as a class.  We discussed how carbon dioxide caused the volcano to explode.