STEM in P6

Primary 6 have been working hard in their STEM lessons to investigate, predict, design, test and evaluate their work.  They have been able to design and create boats as part of a group, after a number of boat related investigations.  This linked in well with the topic of the Vikings and looked at the power of wind and how this helped power Viking boats.

 Have a look at the boats we made in P6.

The children have also been able to plan an investigation to find out how gravity affects a car travelling down ramps of different sizes.  The children found out that gravity has to pull the car more when it is on the highest ramp and that the car travels further and quicker from the highest ramp.  

 (Apologies for this orientation, a number of attempts were made to rectify this before posting.)

The children showed great team work throughout all these activities.  More photos have been posted for the parents of P6 in the closed Seesaw group, of correct orientation.