Stand By Me

Today was a very exciting day for P5, 6 and 7.  Johnny from Stand By Me came into each of our classes.  P5 were able to learn about filtering water in countries where water is not clean like ours.  In other countries some children have to walk miles to get water for their families, others have a pump in their village which they can use and others are provided filter systems like ones provided by Stand By Me.  He talked to P6 about the difference between our needs and wants.  Sometimes we think that we need things like X-boxes and i-pads but really these are things that we want.  Johnny helped us learn that we need things like water, food and shelter to stay alive and that we live in country were we are very lucky to have our needs met.  He shared stories of his travels and about Dembi Dollo and we had great fun participating in group activities and feeding back to the rest of the class.  P7 also learned a lot about life in other countries and how Stand By Me helps these children, families and adults to get a better standard of life.  We really enjoyed learning from Johnny and working with others in our classes.