September 2016 in P.5

September, 2016 in P.5

Now that the first month in our new class has come to an end we wanted to let everyone know what we have been up to.

Becoming more active!

Most days we have clocked up a mile of walking around the playground - even the adults are becoming more fit!  We love the chance to get outside into the fresh air and to have a chat with our friends in the process.

Walking Tour of Carrickfergus

On Thursday 29th September we boarded the 10.15am public bus here in Eden and travelled to Carrick Castle to meet Graham from the Tourist Information Office for the beginning of our Walking Tour around the town.  It was a very windy day and although we had a lot of walking and listening to do, we learned many new things about Medieval Carrick and enjoyed getting out of the classroom for a bit!  We smelt smells that were not so pleasant, heard scary stories about visits to the 'demon dentist, back then and all agreed that living in Carrick nowadays is a much easier and happier experience!!!!

Zoo Lab

We got to hear about how we can be more active Eco Warriors in our local environment.  We were all very brave when we got to hold everything from a stick insect to a rat with a very long tail - even Mrs. Platt joined in this fun!!  Miss Douglas and Mrs Donaldson were not so keen though!!!!!

European Day of Languages

Bonjour!  Oh la! 

We enjoyed learning about France and Spain on European Languages Day.  Pupils from Carrickfergus Grammar School encouraged us to speak in French and Spanish and we all laughed a lot in the process!  We were sorry that Charlie was absent from school on this day as her time living in Spain would have helped us with the Spanish words at least!

A huge thank you must go to the pupils and teachers from Carrick Grammar who made this a fun learning experience for all in P.5.

Fire safety is a priority for everyone in P.5!

Four men from the Fire and Rescue Service of N. Ireland visited our classroom to tell us about preventing fires from taking place within our homes.  We received an activity pack to help us to remember all of the things that will protect us and keep us safe.  We were delighted to see that it was the adults that we live with who received a homework in the form of a 'Home Checklist' on this occasion rather than us!!