Roman Day

Today in P6 we came to school dressed up in Roman costumes, even Mrs Radcliffe dressed up.  We started the day by learning some latin words and we were able to have short conversations with a partner in latin.  Then we were taught Roman numerals and we added up sums and were able to count.  We played unlucky 13 in latin and the winner was Elouise.  After number work we were able to experience a taste of Rome.  Some of us were brave and tried new food such as olives, dates and sun dried tomatoes.  On the whole we didn't like the taste of Olives.  Owen was the only one in the class who liked everything that was on our food trays.  We also had the opportunity to create legion banners and robe clasps, as well as Roman menus.  We had fun digging in the sand pit to find Roman artefacts.  It was very exciting finding a gold coin.  P.E. involved us marching as Mrs Radcliffe called out "Sinister (left)...dexter (right).  We also got to watch two sword fights and decide if the gladiators should live or die.  We all looked fabulous in our costumes and enjoyed our day.