Rainforest Detectives



Primary 6 enjoyed a rainforest talk about various animals and habitats.  The highlight was being able to hold the python.  We learned that snakes smell with their tongues and they do not have any ears.




We had great fun watching the penguins swimming underwater.  It was brilliant to see some of them jump into the water.

We also got to see the sealions swimming underwater, they were so big and were the same length as the viewing window.




Look closely at this picture, can you see anything that these two have in common?




We had a super day at the zoo and we didn't get soaked!  We enjoyed seeing the ring tailed lemurs, the gibbons, reptiles of all descriptions, monkeys, giraffes, elephants, zebras, lions, gorillas, penguins, sealions, otters, penguins, rainforest birds, bats and lots of other animals too.

Some of us were sad to leave and hope to go back another day soon.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about P6's day as rainforest detectives.