Primary 6 Roman Day

 On Thursday 24th March, P6 acted as Romans for the day.  The children arrived at school in various costumes with teacher and teaching assistant both in Roman attire.  The P6 classroom was host to a variety of goddesses, soldiers, senators, rich Romans and poor slaves.  After having learned about Roman clothes the children were able to apply this knowledge to the costumes which each child supplied and wore. 

The morning was a lesson focusing on Roman school with children being warned if they did not behave they would be 'thrown to the lions', as the class teacher took on the role of a Roman teacher.  Through this lesson the children were able to experience and experiment with the Latin language and began counting with Roman Numerals.

For breaktime the children enjoyed a Roman banquet and were able to compare the food of a rich Roman and that of a slave.  Many of P6 were keen to have their 2011 break, as the Roman food was not appealing to them, after they had tasted it.

The children were also involved in acting out the roles of the Romans invading Celtic Britain to learn about Queen Boudica.  They also worked in groups to complete an archaeological dig to learn about the Romans as an archaeologist.

In conclusion the children had a great day and all were very well presented in costume for the day.  This has been a highlight of P6 with the children keen to have other themed days. 

A big thank you to all of our parents for the work you put in to your children's costumes.  It really was a super day.