P6 Research Homework - Romans

Below is a copy of the guidance children were given on this week's Romans research and presentation homework.  I hope everyone is getting organised with a costume for Roman Day on Monday 26th March!



Roman Research Homework


Hi everyone,


By now, you should be well on your way to becoming a Romans expert!  For homework this week, I want you to increase your knowledge even further.  Your task is to create a presentation for the members of your class about an aspect of Roman life that we don’t know too much about just yet.  The topic and how you present the information is entirely up to you, but I am sure you will want to make it interesting and entertaining.  You probably know more really good Romans websites than me, but I have listed a few in case you would like them to get started with.  Remember that we can find out about the Romans from other places as well as the internet.  The class and school library have lots of reference books.  Carrickfergus library has even more!  Why not ask your parents if they could take you some day this week?


I really look forward to seeing and hearing your presentations.  They are due on Friday, but if you have yours finished on Thursday we might have a chance to hear some then.


Happy researching!


Mr McC


Useful Roman Websites






http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/nettsch/time/rtour.html- A plan and details of a Roman Town


http://www.show.me.uk/topicpage/teachers/tRomans.html- link to lots of sites