I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming everyone back to a new school year. I trust that those pupils who are new to the school will have an enjoyable, educational time with us. The new school year started with a welcome to 30 new pupils in Primary 1.

Leaving and Collecting of Children I would ask any parent dropping off, or collecting pupils by car to use a one way system via Larne Road and Edenvale Avenue towards Trailcock Road. Using this route should help avoid congestion in Edenvale Avenue. Could I also remind parents not to park at the school railings at School Court or beside the traffic barrier at the gate. No child is permitted to enter the school via the staff carpark gate in the interests of safety. Thank you.

School Day – Reminder At the start of the school day the bell rings at 8.45 a.m. and the doors are opened for the pupils. The second bell rings at 9.00 a.m., the doors close and classes start work. All latecomers, including P1, P2 and P3 should come to the main entrance and report to the office.

Breakfast Club This club will continue to operate on Monday – Friday from 8.05 a.m. until 8.40 a.m. each morning starting from Friday 1st September 2017. Please note children will not be admitted into the school before 8.05 a.m. and last entry will be 8.25 a.m. The cost is £1.50 per morning and children are served a variety of cereal, toast, breakfast juice or milk.

Tuck Shop The Tuck Shop operates every morning from 8.45 – 9.00 a.m. for Primary 2 – Primary 7 children. Under our Healthy Eating Policy in school whereby we bring a healthy break Monday – Thursday and “treat day” is Friday, the Tuck Shop sells bottled water and fresh fruit. The shop also stocks pencils and pens. We would of course encourage you to support healthy eating within the school.

School Finishes at the following times:-

P1 12.00 noon during September, 1.55 p.m. from Monday 2nd October 2017.

P2 2.00 p.m. each day.

P3 2.00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday & Friday. 3.00 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday.

P4 3.00 p.m. each day except Wednesday when they finish at 2.00 p.m.

P5,6,7 3.00 p.m. each day except Wednesday when they finish at 2.45 p.m.

Whilst all staff are available to discuss parents’ concerns regarding their children, could I remind you that teachers are not available first thing in the morning. If your problem needs to be addressed first thing, please arrange to discuss this with the Principal. Any other appointments with teachers can be arranged through the Principal/Office. Primary 1 parents are of course welcome, but it is hoped that by the end of the second week of term, they will be leaving their children at the infant playground gate/door.

School Meals The cost of a meal at present is £2.60 per day. Please pay for all meals on Monday of each week indicating the day(s) required as money cannot be taken on a daily basis. The Education Authority no longer accept cheques for payment of school dinners, so please remember to pay with cash.

Free Meals Anyone who is in receipt of recognised benefits for a child is entitled to claim a free school meal for them. If you think you may qualify please ask at the office for an application form as soon as possible. It is important that all claims for free meals are submitted by the second week in September as this reflects on the school budget.

Milk Payment See separate note. Please note milk is ordered and we have no spare cartons. It is therefore important that all orders are received as per the time scale on the milk note as late orders cannot be accommodated. Please note monies should be in school first thing in the morning.

Attendance Please remember it is a requirement of the Education Authority that each child achieves 96% at least in their attendance. The school has an excellent attendance record, and I look to you for this to continue!

After School Clubs A separate note has been issued regarding this.

Contact information As Mrs Logan updates all the contact details at the beginning of September, could I ask you to notify us of any changes that may have occurred over the summer ie change of address, mobile numbers etc. Can I also remind you to notify us of any changes that may occur throughout the year.

Savings These will be collected in school every Monday morning starting on 11th September 2017, and lodged to your child’s account on that day. Anyone wishing to join the savings scheme please call at Danske Bank, High Street, Carrickfergus and complete the necessary application form. Once the account is opened, saving can begin via the school.

Uniform The staff thank you for the excellent turn-out of your children on return to school this term. I would remind you that Gordon’s in Green Street and Gary’s in North Street, supply the P.E. and casual school items together with the formal uniform. The P.E. uniform for P5 – P7 is to be brought to school to be used as a change of clothing for P.E. The P1 – P4 pupils will wear the polo shirt, sweatshirt, joggers and shoes to school on P.E. days. All pupils will change their footwear in school. Footwear for P.E. is black P.E. slippers. To help with your planning, the P.E. days for P1 – P4 are Tuesday and Thursday. Pupils in P5, 6 and 7 will be notified by their teachers of the days they will have P.E.

Assembly You may be aware of our assembly rota where each class takes part, in turn, on a Friday during the year. Parents of the pupils taking part in the assembly will be invited to join us on certain occasions. Each teacher will inform you, via the pupils, of the date they are taking part. Assembly is at 9.00 a.m. and lasts 20/25 minutes.

Music Separate notes will be sent out shortly regarding music tuition within the school detailing when these classes will start back.

Library Will restart in October and once again we will be looking for parental volunteers to operate the Library. If you are able to make a commitment, please let Mrs Logan know as soon as possible the morning you would be available. A library session would last approximately 45 minutes and it would be a weekly requirement.