STAND BY ME Thank you again to all who supported these charities. A cheque for £460.00 was presented to Stand By Me a t Assembly.

SPONSORED BOUNCE Again my sincere thanks for your very kind contributions to our annual bounce. Currently we have raised in excess of £2,750.

SANTA’S GROTTO/SCHOOL FAIR – FRIDAY 2nd DECEMBER 2016 – 6.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m. Please do come along and give the Fair your full support. Attractions – grotto with excellent gift and photograph, Hotdogs available as well as tea and shortbread, face painting, hair spraying, crafts for children, games competitions, bottle stall, bran tub, washing line of goodies, luxury Hamper and much, much more. Please remember anyone who can donate prizes, business vouchers etc for this event, these will be very well received.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS Please note all Clubs finished on Friday 25th November 2016 with the exception of Choir, Activity Club and Homework Club.

P.T.A. DISCO – Wednesday 7th December 2016 – P1 – P3 – 6.00 – 7.00 p.m. and P4 – P7 – 7.15 – 8.15 p.m.

P1 – P4 CHRISTMAS SHOWS   At 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 13th December Primary 3 and Primary 4 will perform “Children of the World”. The majority of children will come to school at 6.00 p.m. in their P.E. uniform (unless they have been instructed otherwise). At 10.00 a.m. on Wednesday 14th December Primary 1 and Primary 2 will perform “The Sleepy Shepherd ”. Please note the children should come to school in their P.E. uniform. The performance will last approximately 30 minutes and children will remain in school after the performance and go home at 1.55 p.m./2.00 p.m. as is normal closing time. Due to space restrictions in the Assembly Hall, this year for the P3/P4 performance we are issuing tickets (2 per family initially). A note has been sent home allowing you to order your tickets and also request additional ones, should they be available. Tickets will cost £1.00 each. For all performances could I respectfully ask you to consider that the children have worked extremely hard towards their “big day”, they only have little voices and they want to be heard. One “noisy” child can spoil a performance, it would therefore be more appropriate if you could arrange to have younger children looked after! Car parking will be available in the playground for those attending the shows. The gates will open from 6.30 p.m. for the evening performance and 9.30 a.m. for the morning performance. Please do not park in School Court or indeed anywhere that prevents emergency access. Thank you.

P5 – P7 CAROL SERVICE On Thursday 15th December 2016 at 1.00 p.m. the Primary 5 – Primary 7 children will hold their annual Carol Service in St. Colman’s Church, Larne Road, Carrickfergus. Primary 4 children who are members of the school choir will also attend this service. All other Primary 4 children will remain in school. Due to space restrictions within the church, it is only possible to invite parents from Primary 5, 6 and 7 and those in Primary 4 who have children in the choir to this service. A retiring collection will be taken at the end of this service and forwarded to a local children’s charity.

EARLY CLOSING Please note that all children will go home at 2.00 p.m. on Thursday 15th December 2016. Those at St. Colman’s Church will leave directly after the finish of the service at approximately 1.50 p.m. and should be collected at the church. Primary 1 – Primary 3 and those children from Primary 4 who are not in the choir will go home at 2.00 p.m. leaving from school.

CHOIR The choir will take part in the Eden Village Carol Service at 7.00 p.m on Wednesday 14th December 2016. All parents are welcome to attend the Eden Village Carol Service. We thank the choir, Mrs McNair and Mrs Newell for their continued dedication and hard work. A separate note will be issued to choir members.

TUESDAY 20th DECEMBER 2016 12.15 p.m. Early Closing for whole school. No lunches will be provided.

BREAKFAST CLUB This Club continues to grow in numbers and operates from 8.05 a.m. – 8.40 a.m. each morning at a cost of £1.50 per child per morning. Could I please remind parents that no child should be left in school before 8.05 a.m. and that the last entry into the Breakfast Club should be no later than 8.20 a.m.

SPEED LIMIT I would also take this opportunity of reminding us all about the speed limit through the village and indeed on Edenvale Avenue/Trailcock Road as we are coming to a very busy time of year and although we are in a hurry, safety is paramount.

SAVINGS The last day for savings this term was Monday 28th November 2016. Savings will recommence on Monday 9th January 2017.

PRIMARY 1 - INTAKE 2017 Official application forms for a Primary 1 place in September 2017 are available from the school office from Monday 28th November 2016, although those who have already registered an interest in a place will receive an application form by post. If you have a child, or indeed know of a child who intends to apply for a place, and we do not already have them on our list, please contact Mrs Logan with details. Thank you.

PUMPKIN COMPETITION Thank you to the P.T.A. for our very successful Halloween Events. The winners of the Pumpkin Competition were as follows:- P1 – Juno Frampton, P2 – Leyla Ferguson, P3 – Tilly Farmer, P4 – Olivia McConnell, P5 – Matthew Kane, P6 – Jack McMath, P7 – Max Murdock. Overall winners were – 1st place Mason Murray P2, 2nd place Holly Beckinsale P6 and 3rd place Katie Barr P3.

May I take this opportunity of thanking you all for your support this year and wish you on behalf of myself, the staff and the pupils best wishes for the Festive Season.

M. Sheeran – Principal


Friday 2nd December 6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. School Fair

Wednesday 7th December 6.00 – 7.00 p.m. and 7.15 – 8.15 p.m. P.T.A. Christmas Disco

Tuesday 13th December 7.00 p.m. – P3 and P4 Christmas Play (admission by ticket only)

Wednesday 14th December 10.00 a.m. – P1 and P2 Christmas Nativity

Wednesday 14th December 7.30 p.m. Choir to Eden Village Carol Service

Thursday 15th December 1.00 p.m. St. Colman’s Church – P5 – P7 Carol Service (P4 choir members will also attend) Thursday 15th December School closes for all at 2.00 p.m.for everyone

Tuesday 20th December 12.15 p.m. Early Closing for whole school.

Wednesday 4th January School reopens

Friday 6th January Please note no morning school. School will open at 12.15 receive children who are travelling to the Grand Opera House to see “Cinderella ”. Return time 4.15 p.m. for collection at Edenvale Avenue gate. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE LAYBY AT THE LARNE ROAD AS THIS IS NEEDED TO PARK THE BUSES IN ON OUR RETURN