Hedgerow Art

On Friday 29th November Primary 6 were invited by Carrick council to the Allotments at Eden.  As part of the hedgerow scheme the children were introduced to a local artist from Whitehead, who talked about plants and animals found around the hedgerow.  The children were able to use freehand drawing, as well as stencils to create leaf and animal shapes.  These were then coloured in and cut out and will be fixed to a full sized model cow, along with the work from the artist and children from other schools.  The cow will then go on tour and be viewed around the country.  The children really enjoyed their morning and learned about the hedgerows in the process, linking with our work towards achieving the 'Green Flag' award in association with Eco-schools.  They are very excited to see the final piece of art, but it will take some time before they do.