A Good Old Knees Up!

The children in Year Three have been learning about celebrations this term. 'Let's Celebrate' explores children's experiences of celebrations at home, with friends, in school and in the local and wider community. The children are beginning to appreciate and respect the diversity that exists in society and the positive contributions of various cultural and relgious groups.

We had a 'good old knees up' in Year three! The children listened to extracts of music associated with well-known celebrations such as, birthdays, Christmas, Chinese new Year, Burn's Night and weddings. The Scottish music was a big success! We discussed what the music represented and the emotions it evokes. The children discussed how we celebrate different events in our lives and the music we listen to at these events.

The children decided they would like to design and make musical instruments from junk materials. Shakers and guitars proved to be the most popular 'junk' creations! The boys and girls made a fabulous junk band! Check it out!