Exciting Energy

Today Monika came into our school to P6 and P7 and told us about different types of energy.  We made windmills and learned lots of interesting facts about energy.  We learned about Geothermal, Bio-mass, Hydro-Electric, Solar, Wind and Tidal energies.  We found out many interesting facts and were able to be engineers, as we had to decide where to build our wind turbines and where to put our solar panels.  We watched a presentation about energy, then we were able to take part in a few interactive activities.  We all really enjoyed learning something new today.  We hope that we can use more renewable sources of energy in our country, so that we will always have a supply for our houses and other buildings.  If we don't the fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, will eventually run out and we will have no energy for our businesses or our lives.