Drumming with the Best

Monday 4thMarch


Today we walked to Downshire Secondary School for a morning with Jeff Rich, former drummer of Status Quo for 16 years.  We had great fun learning about a variety of rhythms.  We also were able to learn about the origin of drums and how they have changed over the years, it was interesting for us to hear how improvements have been made.  Jack and Katie had the opportunity to play a couple of drums with Jeff and they really enjoyed it.  Before the end of the morning Jeff showed us how he could play the drums.  He was brilliant.  He told us that he would have practised for two hours every day when he was at school.  We don’t think his neighbours would have enjoyed that.  We all got the opportunity to accompany Jeff with a variety of percussion instruments as he played his drum kit.  Even Mrs Radcliffe and Mrs Heggarty joined in and had fun.  Maybe someday some of us will grow up to be drummers.