Children of the World

Children in Primarys 3 and 4 worked hard during November and December on their Christmas Play entitled "Children of the World".

The end result was a most enjoyable performance for parents and friends who attended the event.  All were engaged in the music, dance, costumes and language of each country as they portrayed Christmas traditions from six different countries around the world.  We learned how the focus for children in Poland is to search for 'Gwiadska' - the first star of Christmas Eve.  In China the Children decorate the 'Tree of Light' with paper lanterns and flowers.  In Australia it's barbeque time and the children told how Christmas Day is often spent on the beach.  In Malawi there are no expensive gifts at Christmas so the children offer their voices in song, music and dance.  USA heralds Christmas party time with lavish decorations both inside and out of the houses.  And finally, in Eire the children light a candle and set it in their window to represent a guiding light for passing travellers.

Our children learned about these traditions and entered into the spirit of each country as they performed.  The scenes from each country gathered at the manger to show that the real meaning of Christmas for everyone around the world is centred on the birth of The Lord Jesus.