The Apprentice Challenge

From 3rd-7th June the Primary 6 classroom became the boardroom of Lord Sugar.  The children who did not go on school tour worked really hard in teams to create their own innovative toys and products.  There were many creations such as sweet pooping dinosaurs and unicorns, eco-friendly dolls, new action figures to play and fight with, lego creations and dolls which turned into 'Mushi Monsters'.  The overall winner was the Z-Watch, a watch which could turn into a spy camera in the form of a spider.

The children were also involved in baking buns and creating door hangers, to raise money for the Eco-council to buy bird and bat boxes and to support the charity 'Stand By Me' as well.  The children were able to raise £140 through selling pencils, door hangers and a wide selection of buns.  Congratulations to the children for the amount raised and for all their hard work.  Thank you also to the parents, children and staff who supported our sale, without whom it would not have been possible.