Eden Primary School

Our School

Eden Primary School is a small, urban school situated approximately two miles east of Carrickfergus on the main coast road between Belfast and Larne. The school, which was established in the early 1800s, originally drew its intake from the residents of Eden village.

Today over 200 pupils come from a much wider catchment area. The school has had a number of extensions and updates through the years and we are very proud of the pleasant environment in which our children learn.SchoolFrontBasic-1

Mission Statement

At Eden Primary School we aim to create a caring, secure environment where all our pupils feel happy and valued. By promoting self-esteem, responsibility and consideration for others we will encourage our pupils to achieve their potential in all areas of their development.

Central to achieving our goals will be the establishment of a community wherein pupils, teachers, parents, support staff and Governors enjoy a sense of belonging and have an important part to play.