Primary 6

Art in Primary 6

We have been enjoying art in P6.  Miss Owen and Mrs Radcliffe have been teaching us how to make a number of different things.  We have been able to use clay, card, chalk, paint, glue, glitter and lots of different textiles.  We have made pieces of art linked with the topic of 'The Vikings' and we are now starting to work on art linked with our new topic, 'The Roman

Let's Go Giants! Let's Go!

    Thursday 11th October

Animal Antics

On Wednesday 10th October something out of the ordinary happened in our assembly hall.  We had a visit from Benjy the donkey from the Donkey Sanctuary.  The donkey sanctuary helps children with special and additional needs and were asked by one of our Primary 6 pupils if we could have a donkey visit.  We were all so excited when Doctor Sheeran agreed and the donkey was able to

European day of Languages at Eden Primary

Wednesday 26th September was a very exciting and international day for Primary 5 and 6.  The children were visited by pupils from Carrickfergus Grammar who came into our classes and taught us Spanish and French in a fun and interactive way.  The children were able to learn the names of some animals in French, as well as the names of some colours.  Spanish was slightly dif

P6 Research Homework - Romans

Below is a copy of the guidance children were given on this week's Romans research and presentation homework.  I hope everyone is getting organised with a costume for Roman Day on Monday 26th March!



Roman Research Homework


Hi everyone,


P6 Research Homework

Here is a copy of the homework page the children were given, with a list of useful websites for their research.



P6 Research Homework – Scandinavia


P6 Viking ship-building

As part of our learning in the World Around Us, the P6 children were given the task of working together to design and build a Viking ship.  We did some research on the different types of boats and their features, and then it was down to each group to get to work!  Have a look at some of our wonderful creations:

Rainforest Detectives



Primary 6 enjoyed a rainforest talk about various animals and habitats.  The highlight was being able to hold the python.  We learned that snakes smell with their tongues and they do not have any ears.


Spanish Fiesta

The primary six class were able to attend a Spanish Fiesta in association with Belfast High School.  The children had been learning some basic Spanish in preparation for this.  When entering the Fiesta the children had to pass through passport control.  Then the children were split into 2 groups and were able to participate in a variety of activities.  The children worked

Wizard of Oz

We're Off to See the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

The Key Stage 2 children have been working very hard for the past two months practising for their production of the Wizard of Oz. Every pupil in P5, P6 and P7 has played an important part in making our musical a roaring success.

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