Primary 6

The Romans Have Landed!

Before Easter, Eden Primary School was invaded by the Romans.  Our P6 class dressed up in Roman day costumes and arrived into school as senators, Caesars, rich Roman ladies, rich men, slaves, soldiers and gladiators.  The children had a fun packed day with opportunities to taste Roman food, learn Latin, count using Roman numerals, march as soldiers, make Roman robe clasps and parti

Trade Fair

P6 would like to thank Downshire Primary School for hosting  a Trade Fair in conjunction with 'Our World' Programme.  The children worked for a number of weeks with sixth year students participating in the Young Enterprise Scheme.  The children learned about importing and exporting and how countries need each other to trade with.  Children were able to learn

The Water Bus

A much overdue update of the visit of the Water Bus.  Children in key stage 2 were able to take part in lessons on The Water Bus.  Linking with our new Eco-schools topic the children were able to learn about water and how we use it, waste it and how we can use it most efficiently.  T

Dairy Council

The Dairy Council came and visited our Primary 5 and 6 classes on 5th February.  The children learned about the food and fitness balance and getting 1 hour's activity every day as well as eating the right amount of food from the five food groups.  The children discussed their diet and sport activities and were able to participate in a rap to help them remember what they learned

Hedgerow Art

On Friday 29th November Primary 6 were invited by Carrick council to the Allotments at Eden.  As part of the hedgerow scheme the children were introduced to a local artist from Whitehead, who talked about plants and animals found around the hedgerow.  The children were able to use freehand drawing, as well as stencils to create leaf and animal shapes.  These were then coloured

Stand by Me Christmas Appeal

The school we sponsor in Dembi Dollo opened in November 2013, but unfortunately the 240 children do not as yet have school uniforms. Many children without a uniform are refused entry to school so it really is a vital aspect of their education. At Christmas as we thought of others, we decided to support Stand by Me's appeal to help provide the children with smart new uniforms.

Viking Day

On Wednesday our assembly hall was transformed into a fabulous Viking activity centre.  The children came to school dressed as Vikings and were excited by all the activities they encountered.  Children were able to grind wheat to make flour, have a go at making fire using flint (which was very tricky), weave, make bracelets, build walls, play games, learn about weapons and Viking o

Litter Less

The whole school have been working hard to litter less.  We are participating in the 'Wrigley's Litter Less Campaign' until December and we have been able to see our hard work pay off.  Primary 4-7 have been taking it in turns to litter pick, providing the weather is good.  We have been collecting litter, counting the number of bags filled and weighing them. 

Stand by Me

A massive thank you to all who recently supported our "10p Tuesday" fundraiser for Stand by Me. An amazing £440.75 was raised. Primary 5 collected the most 10p's and got a night off homework for their efforts!! Well done everyone!

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