Primary 6

P6 Visit the Zoo

On Thursay 22nd June, P6 set off for their visit to Belfast Zoo.  The children have been studying the rainforest and researching some of the animals that live there, so we thought it was only right that we visit the zoo and see some of the rainforest up close and personal.  The children were able to identify rainforest animals, as we moved around the zoo and they also were able to

The Apprentice Challenge

This past week has been a bit different in Eden Primary School.  With 37 children away on School Tour, those who remained were given the challenge to create, design and promote a product.

Festival Success

Well done to the children who represented P6 at Carrickfergus Festival.  The children came back with two silver medals.

STEM in P6

Here are a few photos of what we have been investigating and creating in P6 over the last number of months.


Roman Day

Thursday 27th April was Roman day in P6.  The children came dressed in costume.  We had gladiators, centurions, goddesses, rich Romans and the emperor himself.  The children created Legion banners, spoke latin, learned numbers, ate and created a Roman banquet.  The children also worked in groups to create mini-catapults or 'balistas', as well as marching and playi

"And a partridge in a pear tree"

We got to meet 2 partridge chicks in P6, only one week old.  One of the parents in P6 breeds game birds and his daughter asked if she could bring two of them in to meet us.  Even Mrs. Radcliffe had never seen a partridge chick before.


Congratulations to P6 for taking part in our World Book Day linked Readathon.  The children had a great time reading and finding out about books that other children were reading.  We not only enjoyed time reading but we raised money for our school charity, Stand By Me.  Well done Bailey for thinking of this great idea.

STEM in P6

Primary 6 have been working hard in their STEM lessons to investigate, predict, design, test and evaluate their work.  They have been able to design and create boats as part of a group, after a number of boat related investigations.  This linked in well with the topic of the Vikings and looked at the power of wind and how this helped power Viking boats.

Exciting Energy

Today Monika came into our school to P6 and P7 and told us about different types of energy.  We made windmills and learned lots of interesting facts about energy.  We learned about Geothermal, Bio-mass, Hydro-Electric, Solar, Wind and Tidal energies.  We found out many intere

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