Primary 5

Pyjama Day!

The children in the School Council organised a pyjama day on Friday 23rd May, to raise money for our charity Stand by Me. A total of £240 was raised. Thank you to all who wore their pyjamas and contributed to this worthwhile cause. Well done also to the School Council!!

The Water Bus

A much overdue update of the visit of the Water Bus.  Children in key stage 2 were able to take part in lessons on The Water Bus.  Linking with our new Eco-schools topic the children were able to learn about water and how we use it, waste it and how we can use it most efficiently.  T

Dairy Council

The Dairy Council came and visited our Primary 5 and 6 classes on 5th February.  The children learned about the food and fitness balance and getting 1 hour's activity every day as well as eating the right amount of food from the five food groups.  The children discussed their diet and sport activities and were able to participate in a rap to help them remember what they learned

Life in Primary 5 - Term 1B

Primary 5 having lots of fun during Stone Age Day! We had opportunities to participate in many activities such as dressing up in Mesolithic Clothing, discovering tools and artefacts and creating Mesolithic Pinch Pots.

Stand by Me Christmas Appeal

The school we sponsor in Dembi Dollo opened in November 2013, but unfortunately the 240 children do not as yet have school uniforms. Many children without a uniform are refused entry to school so it really is a vital aspect of their education. At Christmas as we thought of others, we decided to support Stand by Me's appeal to help provide the children with smart new uniforms.

Litter Less

The whole school have been working hard to litter less.  We are participating in the 'Wrigley's Litter Less Campaign' until December and we have been able to see our hard work pay off.  Primary 4-7 have been taking it in turns to litter pick, providing the weather is good.  We have been collecting litter, counting the number of bags filled and weighing them. 

Stand by Me

A massive thank you to all who recently supported our "10p Tuesday" fundraiser for Stand by Me. An amazing £440.75 was raised. Primary 5 collected the most 10p's and got a night off homework for their efforts!! Well done everyone!

The Ulster Orchestra in Eden

Today we were able to meet two members of the Ulster Orchestra.  They came and played a few different pieces of music for us.  We were amazed at how good they were and how they played their violins.  We were able to learn about the orchestra and all the different families in a standard symphony orchestra.  We had the chance to split into three groups and clap rhythms.&nbs

Stone Age Day

On Wednesday 7th November, 2012 P.5 had a Stone Age Day.  The classroom was set up like a museum with lots of artefacts and replicas of things that were available to the people of Mesolithic and Neolithic Ireland.  The children had fun  being archaeologists, grinding wheat on a Quern Stone, building a mottle and daub wall with willow branches, constructing New Grange-style bur

European day of Languages at Eden Primary

Wednesday 26th September was a very exciting and international day for Primary 5 and 6.  The children were visited by pupils from Carrickfergus Grammar who came into our classes and taught us Spanish and French in a fun and interactive way.  The children were able to learn the names of some animals in French, as well as the names of some colours.  Spanish was slightly dif

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