Primary 5

P.5 Visit the Recycling Bus

P.5 visited the Recycling Bus and got to participate in an interactive quiz on the topic of ....... recycling!

Castles in P.5

As part of our STEM work P.5 have been researching and then building castles. 

Parents, keep an eye on Seesaw over the next few weeks to see the impressive creations that we have made!

Well done to everyone in P.5 for their ability to work as part of a team and for trying so hard!

P5 Design a Pizza Prize Winners


Well done to Ella, Abbie and Grace G. who were the P.5 winners of the 'Design a Pizza' competition.  The girls got to visit Dominoes and make their own pizzas - yum yum!

Well done to everyone else who took part - and thank you to the PTA for organising such a fun competition.    

Sweets Fun in P.5!

Sweets, Sweets and More Sweets!!!

P.5 have been writing descriptions this term and have used a variety of sweets to help with their thinking!

Read on to discover how we used our senses to write some brilliant descriptions.  We hope too that you will spot our use of rhyme or alliteration.....

Water Bus

On Friday 16th December the Norther Ireland Water Bus visited our school.  We were taught that we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day and that our muscles store the water.  When we drink fizzy drinks we need to use the water to digest the sugary drinks, which is not good for our muscles or our bodies.  We also learned that taking a bath uses 20 buckets of water but a fi

Switch off Fortnight Results 2016

Congratulations to all the children in school for taking part in Switch Off Fortnight 2016.  The eco-council carried out two audits of lights and electrical appliances which were on, off or on standby.  When the results were inputted to the Pod website the following result was generated...the school on average saved 8kW in a 24 hour period.

Our Second Green Flag

Today the Eco-council met Nigel and Paddy, two assessors for Eco-schools.  The Eco-council had an interview session with the two visitors, where they were asked questions and were able to share what the children have been doing throughout the school.

Stand by Me

On Tuesday 4th October, we had another very successful fundraiser for Stand by Me. We are continuing to support the school in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia. We collected 10p's for 10p Tuesday. The class which raised the most will get a night off homework as a reward!

Stand By Me Bun Sale

Thank you to all children and staff for your donations today at our Bun Sale.  We are delighted to announce that we raised £150.00 for our charity Stand By Me.  This money will be used where it is needed in Dembi Dollo.  Well done to the P6 and 7 children for their efforts in baking under the supervision of Mrs Moore.  Thank you to the members of staff and Mrs Dodds

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