Primary 2

Wacky Hair Day!!

On Friday 15th May, we had a Wacky Hair Day to raise money for the people in Nepal, following the devastating earthquake which hit the country. Homes, hospitals and schools have been destroyed and over 4000 people died.

Spring in Primary 2

In Primary 2 we are learning about Spring. It is lovely that the sun is shining! We went on a walk around our school grounds looking for the different signs of Spring. We enjoyed listening to the birds singing, although our class had to be quiet to ensure we heard them!! We saw the beautiful daffodils and noticed some other flowers were beginning to grow.

Pyjama Day 2015

On Friday 13th March 2015, we raised £188.94 for Stand By Me. The School Council agreed that we should come to school in our pyjamas to raise money for the school we sponsor in Ethiopia. Well done everyone for taking part. You looked fabulous!!

The Bossy King

Primary 1 and Primary 2 put on a fabulous production of "The Bossy King." They told the story of the birth of Jesus. The children looked amazing in their costumes. The singing was great and the children who told the story had super loud voices! Well done Brooke you were a fantastic Bossy King!!

P2 write to Santa!

P2 are getting extremely excited about Christmas approaching. We are busy rehearsing for our Christmas performance.

On Friday 28th November we wrote our letters to Santa. We all thought of one thing which we really wanted and asked Santa for this. Some of us asked Santa lots of questions, particularly how Santa can get around all the children in just one night!! 

10p Tuesday for Stand by Me

On 30th September, all classes participated in 10p Tuesday to raise money for the school we sponsor in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia. Lots of 10p's were collected and each class put them in a line in the hall. The class with the longest line got a night off homework! P5 won and were delighted!

P2 trip to Castle Espie

P2 went on their class trip to Castle Espie. Although the sun didn't shine we all had a super day! It was great seeing the fluffy ducklings and feeding them. Some of us were very brave and let the ducks eat from our hands. We went pond dipping and tried to identify the different creatures which we caught. We also played a game of hide the rubber ducklings which our friends had to find.

Pyjama Day!

The children in the School Council organised a pyjama day on Friday 23rd May, to raise money for our charity Stand by Me. A total of £240 was raised. Thank you to all who wore their pyjamas and contributed to this worthwhile cause. Well done also to the School Council!!

People who Help Us

Primary 2 have enjoyed learning about People who Help Us. We painted pictures showing a variety of people who help us every day. Many of us remembered the many jobs our parents do for us! We learnt about the people who help us in our school and in our community. The highlight of our topic was when Clare the nurse came into our class to tell us how she looks after sick children.

Spring in P2

In P2 we have been learning about Spring Time. We went on a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of Spring. We wrote fantastic stories explaining how we know it is Spring Time and the changes that are taking place. Today we drew Spring pictures on our school playground using chalk. It was great fun!

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